Explore Students Grow Crystal Gardens
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Tuesday, November 06, 2012
PCES "Super Scientists"

How Does your Garden Grow?

Pass Christian Elementary Explore teacher Lori Fisher is doing her part to grow children's interests in science. Each week, she challenges her students to become "Super Scientists" as they participate in exciting experiments designed to help them get hands-on experience using the scientific method. In the picture, Marin Beeson and Madison Murray curiously combine their ingredients of liquid blue-ing, sponges, water, salt, and ammonia to create their very own crystal garden. Along with the rest of the second grade Explore students, the girls will continue to observe, monitor, and predict how their crystal gardens grow as the molecules expand. The skills Mrs. Fisher's Explore students are learning go beyond just fun projects and can be used in other subject areas. Looks like we have several future scientists growing up before our eyes at PCES!

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