Five Houses One Family

Last Friday, Pass Christian Elementary School students participated in a grand “House Reveal” party.  Every student was chosen by one of the five houses that makes one family at PCES!  The goal of the Pass Christian Elementary School’s House System is to promote positive relationships, a sense of belonging and support between faculty and students, students and their peers and to give student another carrying adult to boost character education and to instill a sense of pride and excellence as a member of Pirate Nation!  Every student and staff member are a part of one of the five houses (Dignatio, Prudentia, Valiente, Mahalo, and Caridad).  The houses will compete weekly to earn points.  Points are awarded for different reasons throughout the year! Each teacher will have 50 points to award every week to students who are demonstrating positive character traits, completing iReady Challenges, attendance, conduct, and academics.  Every week, the total points for each house will be displayed outside of the cafeteria.  The house with the most points for that week will have their flag flying for all to see. Make sure to note the house flag flying over PCES!  Each nine weeks, the house with the highest points will be recognized! The house with the highest points for the year will be rewarded with a field trip! Needless the say, the PCES Pirate students are ready to get in the game this year and start working for their houses!