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Principal's Message

At Pass Christian Elementary School, we believe that students excel when: curriculum is challenging and progressive; actively engaged in the learning process; learning is a shared responsibility; all have an equal opportunity to learn; held to clearly defined, high expectations; and all are accepted, valued and safe.

We currently have an enrollment of approximately 400 students and serve students Pre-K through fifth grade. Our commitment is to provide our Pirate Scholars with an academically challenging program that integrates Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Math. Our daily goal is to provide our students with engaging activities that promote student questioning and wonder.  Our staff works diligently to ensure material is presented with inquiry-based, problem-solving methods. We believe that students thrive when faced with hands-on, minds-on lessons.

Great things are happening at Pass Christian Elementary School! I invite you aboard the PCES Pirate Ship and to be a vital part of your child’s education!