VEX IQ Robotics

VEX IQ robotics have taken the Fifth Grade PCES Explore Gifted classroom by storm!! Students have become immersed in the STEM Education based Vex robotics program. Students were ecstatic to “unbox” their VEX IQ robot superkits! They have worked hard to build the field map and the game elements.  Construction and engineering of the Clutch robots has begun.  Soon, the Explore students, who make up the 6 non-competitive teams, will begin programming their robots to perform specific task on the VEX field map! The PCES Explore class will also develop one VEX IQ competitive team to represent PCES in the upcoming VEX IQ competitive season! The PCES Explore gifted students are so excited to have a robotics program that enables them to learn to use technology to code and program in a way that is engaging and inspiring!