Dr. Philip Terrell Excellence in Education Teacher Grants Awarded

Congratulations to the 2021 recipients of the Dr. Philip Terrel Excellence in Education grant winners:
Ms. Barbara Swilley at PCHS and Ms. Robyn Holder at PCES.


Ms. Swilley designed a project called “Spirit Store” where students will be designing and creating various items such as license plates, key chains, water bottles, t-shirts, and then selling and distributing the products for students, staff, and community members to purchase and show their school spirit throughout the school and community. Students will learn the concepts of marketing through this entire process.


Ms. Holder will use her grant money to challenge the Pre-K students in the area of STEM by creating a hydroponic garden where students can learn the process of how plants grow and how food supply comes from farm to table. “Planting the seeds in Pre-K” aims to provide a hands-on approach to growing plants and produce in a hydroponic system and understand how the process can help our community.