Kindergarten Makes and Shares "Stone Soup"

Kindergartners Read and Make “Stone Soup”


Last week, in Ms. Williamson’s kindergarten class, the students read Stone Soup by Marcia Brown. The students studied the characters, setting, and discussed the moral of the story.  They also retold the story through various sequencing activities.  The students then created a thinking map flow map of the story and composed narrative writing pieces using their thinking map as a tool.  To wrap up the week’s Stone Soup learnings, students brought in ingredients to share and together they made stone soup. Ms. Williamson’s class shared the soup with several PCES pirates just like the characters in the book shared. Of course, after the soup was made and tasted, the each student in the class gave their opinion of the soup and displayed the results on a t-chart in class.  What a fun week!